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Just Some Of The Things We Do To Help Small Businesses…

Responsive Website Design

We specialize in Responsive Web Design, where your website looks great regardless of what device you are on. Responsive Design has become the standard and best practice for web development today and we typically build our Responsive Web Sites using the WordPress Content Management System platform that is used on more than 60 million websites making it the most popular blogging and Content Management system in use on the Web today.

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FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro Business Applications

We like to build business applications using the FileMaker Pro Database Platform which is the leading Rapid Application Development Database Tool for the Mac & Windows Desktop & Laptop Environments.

FileMaker comes with a variety of customizable Starter Solutions specifically designed for use on iPad and iPhone for popular tasks, like managing contacts, tracking assets and creating invoices that can be easily modified, customized, and expanded upon to meet your businesses needs.

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Mobile Apps via FileMaker Go

FileMaker Go is the tool to take your company’s databases on the road with your iPads and iPhones. Work from the field, work anywhere.

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Strategic Business Plan Development

We help small businesses develop strategic business plans for them to use as their operational roadmaps for growing their businesses or attracting investors.

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Business Systems

Business Systems

We work with small businesses to identify the profit leaks due to the lack of or poorly defined protocols,  policies, and procedures that a small business needs in place to conduct business day to day and then design, define, and put in place the “Systems” that allow a small business to run like a well tuned maintained machine.

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Business Systems

Branding & Marketing Solutions

We help small businesses design and build marketing and branding strategies and solutions to make their businesses stand out in the crowded chaotic communities of commerce we have today.

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The Technology, Tools, & Methods You Need To Run Your Small Business…Better.

The Small Business Systems Co. helps small and local business owners with their, website development, business software, marketing, branding, business planning, productivity, and business operations.

A Look At Some Of Our Recent Projects

Responsive Web Design – Online Magazine & Resource Directory 


The Concept

To create a Online Home & Garden Magazine and Resource Directory Website


The Vision

To create a Online Home & Garden Magazine and Resource Directory Website

Article Categories

House & Garden Articles

Communities With Resource Directories

Huge Potential for Growth

Web Based Wiki & Forum 


The Problem

In the Building & Remodeling Industry we often see two different instances of the same problem.

  • Trades people who start their own business while often very skilled in their respective fields, i.e. carpentry, plumbing electrical, etc. they often lack the understand and/or training in the realm of just what it takes to run a business and don’t have the knowledge and concepts such as cash flow vs. revenue or gross profit vs. net profit etc.
  • There is also an epidemic case of “Accidental Project Manager* Syndrome” where Lead Carpenters, Superintendents, and Construction Managers often have been “promoted” to their position with little or no training or education in actual trade skills of Project Management . (*see Patricia Ensworth’s The Accidental Project Manager: Surviving the Transition from Techie to Manager) and don’t understand the terms or concepts of critical path, dependency, float, and more.


The Vision

Build a Wikipedia type website for Building and Remodeling Business and Project Management terminology, concepts, and methodologies and invite contributors and encourage discussion of the terms and topics.

Years of Study and Experience

Books & Articles Read & Researched

Terms/Topics in the Wiki

Thorough Knowledge Base

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