David McCandless and Beautiful Visualizations

In terms of visualizing aiding in understanding data I have a couple of champions and heroes.

I first became fascinated with the idea thanks to The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press and Tufte’s books Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative (1997), Envisioning Information (1990), and The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (2001).

Then in the early 2000’s thanks to TedTalks I learned of and discovered Hans Rosling thanks to his wonderful The best stats you’ve ever seen presentation.

And then there is David McCandless…


More from and on David McCandless…

3 Articles About What Lies Ahead via Website Magazine

What Your Website Needs for 2015

Website Magazine say yes to ‘Responsive Web Design’ to which I respond HELL YES! but then goes on to say that a ‘Large, Stunning, Static Home Page Header Image’ are in (to which I say Yes again) but that image sliders are now out? I’m not so sure about that one at all. To the other points in the article  while not as major (Stunning Imagery Everywhere Else, Flat Design, More White Space and Vertical Scrolling, Interactive Elements) I find myself in general agreement but I don’tt think they are nearly as big a deal as the two I just mentioned here.

Anatomy of a Perfect Website Template

A great infographic of what designers need to be thinking about as they work with their clients on building their website.

5 Noteworthy Designs of 2014









The Top 9 Social Media Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now — Elegant Themes

The Social Media landscape is a vast lush forest that’s growing all the time and it tough for business people to keep up with all the developments and make their way through the lush undergrowth. So how does a business person keep up on everything that’s going on? The Elegant Theme’s blog has a great article this week on blogs you can read to keep up on what’s happening in social media.