Mark Hayward from a blog article on Self Branding –

Branding can be described as the symbolic embodiment of all the information connected to a particular product or company.

Effective branding serves to create assumptions, excitement, associations, and expectations that are ingrained in consumers and generated with the mere mention of a company and its goods or services (think GOOGLE, NIKE, Jet Blue).

In the article I quoted from he talking self branding in a context of making money just writing a blog but the comments and ‘rules‘ of branding ring true no matter what your product is.

One of the superficial shallow things I often see in the online construction forums I sometimes frequent is the chant of branding, branding, branding, focus on you brand with little to no substance or discussion of just what a brand is or how effective branding is accomplished.

We’ll be introducing our own online forum here perhaps even sometime later this week to hopefully get the real discussion on branding underway,