Estimating, Markup, & Pricing…

If you’re just starting out as a contractor and are looking for basic estimating help or an experienced mid-sized contractor looking to really buckle down and improve your ability to hit your company’s profit goals understanding that Estimating Markup and Pricing make up a “Trinity of Profitiablity” is key.

The “Trinity of Profitability”

The Trinity of ProfitabilityEstimating, Markup and Pricing while intimately related are not the same thing. But they do all combine and work together to make up the “Trinity of Profitability”.


Estimating at it’s core is for the most part a process of counting or Taking Off ‘bricks & mortar’ and the gauging the labor requirements to place or install those items.
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Markup is the science of what you need to apply to those numbers to cover your Fixed and Variable Overhead costs while generating a decent and respectable Net Profit to nurture and grow your company.
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Pricing goes beyond markup to the process of identifying the “Value Added ” a product or service you provide delivers and attaching an appropriate premium to the marked up costs of that service-product.
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We have programs to work with you and your company in any one or all of those areas.