Custom Responsive Web Design & Development

We develop responsive web designs that auto-adjust to any screen size, any device.

Good Web Design & Development Is The Creation Of A Website & Web Strategy That Solves A Communication Problem.

  • It’s not just graphic design although understanding and applying good graphic design principles is a part of it.
  • It’s not just copywriting although understanding and applying good copywriting is a part of it.
  • It’s not just computer coding although understanding and applying good computer coding is a part of it.

Something I learned back in college when I was studying to be a theatrical set and lighting designer was that it didn’t matter if you designed an artistic masterpiece, the most spectacular beautiful sensational set and lighting design ever. What mattered and what really made any design successful was was it the right, the best, design for delivering the plays message to the audience. The same thinking is applicable to web design.

It’s Absolutly Essential Today for a Website to be Mobile-Friendly

Mobile friendly vs. Mobile un-friendly iOS smartphone deviceAccording to Google: “If you haven’t made your website mobile-friendly, you should. The majority of users coming to your site are likely to be using a mobile device. If you don’t know if your website is mobile-friendly, take the Mobile Friendly Test now!” (— Mobile Friendly Websites  |  Google Developers  ).

With 94% of people in the US with smartphones searching for local information on their phones  this is more important than ever. If you can’t be found (Google penalizes sites that aren’t mobile friendly) people will wonder if your business really exists and is serious about doing business.

Our Website Design Services Are Tailored For the Needs of Small Local Businesses

The Small Business Systems Co. company culture is built on a passion for helping small businesses succeed. Small local businesses play a vital and consequential part in our local communities and the fabric of our nation as a whole. Many marketing companies won’t give the attention to small businesses with regard to web design, SEO, and marketing because they are too busy trying the land that contract with the big national company.

What Do Custom Web Design Projects Typically Cost?

A Basic Well Designed Website — $2,000 - $7,500

The most common type of websites we build are small 10-20 page websites that act as an online brochure with some additional functionality such as calendars, custom forms, sliders and blogs. It will serve to help brand and market your company, showcase your products and services and inspire sales as a lead generating tool. All our sites use the latest standards to allow your site to look the same on nearly every computer/device.

Package Includes:

DOMAIN + HOSTING — Leave the details to us. If you’re just getting your new business off the ground, TSBSco will register your domain and set up web hosting that ensures you your site has the resources it needs to function effectively. If you prefer, we can also work with an existing domain or your own hosting servers. At TSBSco, we build virtually all of our websites on the WordPress platform with the Elegant Themes Divi Framework the most popular WordPress theme and page builder in the world, which we’ll install on your server as part of the included set-up.

MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT— Each TSBSco is assigned a personal  Project Manager who will work with you one-on-one to ensure all your questions and needs are addressed.

CONTACT FORM SETUP Each website includes at least one contact form, allowing you to easily capture leads and stay in touch with current and prospective customers.

SECURITY Your website will be set-up with the best website security tools pre-installed, to keep your site safe and secure from hackers, malware, and other vulnerabilities. One free year of security updates is also included in this package.

Website Remodeling — $850 - $7,500
Need to make it responsive? Need to refresh your website? Need to make it more modern? Get more new business leads? If you already have a website built as a non-dynamic HTML site or if it built using another Content Management System or if it already built using WordPress and you just want to make a switch to the Divi Development Framework or some other WordPress theme we can help do that.

All projects are custom quoted, since there are just so many factors that have to be considered but before you talk to us and we get a chance to evaluate what you have and where you want to go with your web presence you can probably SWAG figure (Sophisticated Wild Assed Guess) your development costs to be in the $850 – $7,500 range.

Ecommerce Website Development — $5,000 - $100,000+
For just a basic e-commerce website with just a few products or service you can figure $5,000 as a starting point for your developememt costs.

Depending upon your project we may or may not bring in other specialty web developers so we have the correct skilled talent as part of our team and to make sure your project gets up and running quickly. With ecomerce websites there are a lot of added functions and services from other providers that need to be integrated for the online store or shop to work seamlessly.

We help out clients with:

  • Merchant Account (or Accounts) Setup
  • Shipping Setup – Including coordination/setup of accounts
  • Transactional Email
  • Secure Socket Layer certificate selection
  • Integration with other programs (i.e. a FileMaker based desktop and mobile database applications such as inventory or appointment scheduling etc.)
Small Budget Solutions — $285 - $2,775
We offer some basic low cost start-up packages for the small or young start-up business that does not have the budget for a custom web design that allow the website owner to tackle and bit off chunks of web development à la carte at a pace they can afford and not choke on.

Simple Web Design Start-Up Packages

What Kind Of Specialty Services Do We Offer?

Our specialty where we can really help and apply all our experience in the home and garden industry as well as our expertise with Web and Information Technology is in the custom design of your company’s web site (be sure you take the time to view some of the sites in our Web Design Portfolio).

In the beginning of the web you had to hire a computer programmer to develop Web pages for your business. Then along came Microsoft Front Page, Adobe PageMill, Claris Home Page and other easy-to-use low cost Web page editors. Then another generation of WYIWYG web design tools came along like Net Objects Fusion, GoLive, and then Adobe Dreamweaver ,and a great many small businesses began to produce their own web sites.

Nowadays the web is a lot more sophisticated and it seems the loop is closing back in on itself. The tools for the professional production of a company web site are more diverse and can now command a significant investment in dollars as well as the time to learn to use them.

Whether you need a dynamic, database-driven web site, a fully-functioning e-commerce web site, or a simple brochure-ware web site, the Paradigm-360 staff has the unique mix of experience in the home and garden industry and the creative talent and technical expertise to accommodate your company’s web development needs. Our web design team has the training and experience in web development, to provide you with:

  • The M.A,G.I.C. — Multimedia • Animation • Graphics • Illustration • Copyrighting — The core essentials of a good website. Our web design team has in-depth experience applying graphic design principles to produce creative, innovative and professional web sites.
  • Web Site Maintenance—Web site design, implementation and maintenance

All of our web sites are developed using industry-standard tools and are validated and tested for browser compatibility, usability and accessibility.

While we do offer a set of web site packages for starters but “One size fits all” does not necessarily apply in the grand scheme of things. Website solutions are as diverse as the client markets they serve and each one must be carefully measured, thoughtfully planned and custom-built for maximum effectiveness. It must reflect the proper personality, passion and purpose of the company and it must provide an authentic, appropriate and appealing answer for you and your audience.

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To Get Started Means Starting a Conversation About Your Small Business & Your Project Ideas. Call or EMail Me at to Get the Dialog Going... Let's Talk.

To Get Started Means Starting a Conversation About Your Small Business & Your Project Ideas. Call or EMail Me at to Get the Dialog Going... Let's Talk.

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