Custom Website Development

We use proven frameworks and platforms to deliver custom website design solutions for your business

Our specialty where we can really help and apply all our experience in the home and garden industry as well as our expertise with Web and Information Technology is in the custom design of your company’s web site (be sure you take the time to view some of the sites in our Web Design Portfolio).

In the beginning of the web you had to hire a computer programmer to develop Web pages for your business. Then along came Microsoft Front Page, Adobe PageMill, Claris Home Page and other easy-to-use low cost Web page editors, and a great many small businesses began to produce their own web pages.

Nowadays the web is a lot more sophisticated and it seems the loop is closing back in on itself. The tools for the professional production of a company web site are more diverse and can now command a significant investment in dollars as well as the time to learn to use them.

Whether you need a dynamic, database-driven web site, a fully-functioning e-commerce web site, or a simple brochure-ware web site, the Paradigm-360 staff has the unique mix of experience in the home and garden industry and the creative talent and technical expertise to accommodate your company’s web development needs. Our web design team has the training and experience in web development, to provide you with:

  • The M.A,G.I.C. — Multimedia • Animation • Graphics • Illustration • Copyrighting — The core essentials of a good website. Our web design team has in-depth experience applying graphic design principles to produce creative, innovative and professional web sites.
  • Web Site Maintenance—Web site design, implementation and maintenance
  • Scripting—Javascript and Perl Script and other Client-side and Server-side scripting implementation.
  • Specialized Web Applications—Our advanced web development solutions can include JavaScript, SSI (Server Side Includes), CGI, DHTML programming, Lasso and Cold Fusion for dynamic content and E-commerce applications, such as product catalog and shopping carts
  • Web Site Analysis —Assessing overall site architecture, usability, web site interface design, page layout, site navigation
  • Marketing Your Site
  • Intranet and Extranet Development —
  • Website Remodeling—Already have a website you’d like to improve, overhaul, or remodel?
  • Training

All of our web sites are developed using industry-standard tools and are validated and tested for browser compatibility, usability and accessibility.

While we do offer a set of web site packages for starters “One size fits all” does not necessarily apply in the grand scheme of things. Website solutions are as diverse as the client markets they serve and each one must be carefully measured, thoughtfully planned and custom-built for maximum effectiveness. It must reflect the proper personality, passion and purpose of the company and it must provide an authentic, appropriate and appealing answer for you and your audience.