Flash Web Sites

Adobe FlashFlash driven web sites that incorporate sound and cinematic transitions can make your website look vivid and dynamic but can come at a price of poor SEO visibility if not carefully coded with search engine optimization in mind.

On the other hand if search engine optimization isn’t a big player in your marketing plan (i.e. you plan to attract potential customers to you site through other channels TV and radio ads, truck graphic, direct mail etc.) then Flash can give give your visitors an impressive visual (and aural) experience.

A well designed Flash site should take all that into consideration and perhaps even have a have a html site with good SEO content running alongside it for non-flash visitors. The flash site itself should not require too much bandwidth, it should load fast and provide a smooth well understood navigation schema to the user.

At Paradigm-360 we can develop your Flash website from scratch or work with you to find an appropriate Flash template that is representative of your company’s brand and modify it to work with your content.