Our Web Design Portfolio

Just a Few of Our Recent Web Design Projects…

HGClassOf74_Screenshot_450x687Horace Greeley Class of 1974 (GreeleyClassOf1974.com)

Using the flagship Canvas theme from WooThemes as a WordPress CMS Framework we produced the Horace Greeley High School Class of 1974 site as a responsive website easily viewable from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device. The site was set up with a simple PayPal commerce system (since removed since the Class’ 40th Reunion took place in late August of 2014) to accept registrations and payments for of the weekend activities the Class had organized and planned.

Going forward the website holds a class directory in a password protected (Classmates only) section of the website so anyone from the class can reach out to their old friends and/neighbors.

The new content posted to the blog section of the website which we called “The Class Year(s) Book” is linked to to a Facebook Page so an excerpt of any new articles is automatically posted there for any classmates that choose to follow the Class’s alumni activities and news that way.

ScottHallRemodeling_screenshotScott Hall Remodeling

We’ve produced the web site for ScottHallRemodeling.com with a theme modified by Jerrald Hayes using WordPress as the base CMS (Content Management System) and the SimplePress theme from Elegant Themes as a design framework. We have made several modifications to the overall look of the origional theme but the theme’s underlying architecture remains the same when you compare the SimplePress theme to the look we ended up producing. We also deployed the WordPress plugins NextGEN Gallery and All in One SEO Pack and then trained our client Scott in their use and now along with his great photography he’s built several photo galleries (Bathroom Remodeling Photo Gallery) and has positioned himself in top positions for long tail keyword combinations and even now for short tail keyword searches  too.

Clifford Renovations WebsiteClifford Renovations & Restorations

Is the home of Andy Clifford’s boutique Clifford Renovations & Restorations company. A small company specializing in restoration projects for older homes.

For 2010 we remodeled the original table based design we did in 2006 for Andy and switched it over to a CSS CSS based Content Management built on the WordPress platform. The new Clifford Renovations & Restorations or CliffordRenovations.com Open CliffordRenovations.com in a new window was developed with the same look and feel of the original but it now has a blog seamlessly integrated right into and content can be very easily revised or added by Andy without our assistance.

The blog portion of this site we decided to call not “The Blog” but Andy’s Notebook.

Northeastern HomesNortheastern Homes

NortheasternHomes.com, an interactive web site we’ve produced to provide homeowners in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT with projects ideas and a comprehensive list of local remodeling and home improvement resources.

The content is designed to stimulate ideas and address a variety of topics related to gardening, landscaping, building, architecture, remodeling and interior design.

Paradigm Projects Web SiteParadigm Building & Remodeling

ParadigmProjects.com is the site we have produced for the contracting operation that originally gave birth to Paradigm-360.com.

We recently remodeled it as a WordPress Content Management System using yet another different WordPress theme framework to create another distinctly different look and type of CMS website.

The FlatheadConstructionSolutions.com WebsiteFlathead Construction Solutions

Thinking for a while that the WordPress blogging tool (WordPress.orgOpen WordPress.org in a new window) along with the right design and programming tweaks could be effectively used as a small business Content Management System (CMS) with one of our consulting clients Flathead Construction Solutions Open the FlatheadConstructionSolutions.com web site in a new window of Kallispell Montana we found that perfect opportunity. With this CMS setup the owner can, with a free tool (WordPress), make additions and changes to his web site entirely on his own.

The 360Difference.com Web Site360Difference

360Difference.com is the website we use to sell and support the line of FileMaker and Excel based CRM, estimating, and job control software solutions we’ve developed.

The 360Difference.com Web SiteMac4Construction

Mac4Construction.com is the website we created as a clearinghouse or starting place for building and remodeling contractors looking for Macintosh based software.

The Chappaqua Drama GroupThe Chappaqua Drama Group*

*This is a project or demonstration website I did for two friends who are working to revive the Chappaqua Dram Group.

They had a clumsy and ugly frames based website and I set up this project website to introduce them to both CSS based web design and the WordPress platform as a CMS.

I did a little bit of searching around for an appropriate free WP theme that I could quickly modify and found the a theme called Colorize that I recalled reading about in a fairly recent Smashing Magazine article 30 Free High Quality WordPress Themes.

I made some quick changes to the header proportions and text arrangement and added some theatrical stage lights along the top and had this project website up in a matter of a just a few hours.

The Raynaud’s AssociationThe Raynaud’s Association

Another application of WordPress (WordPress.orgOpen WordPress.org in a new window) setup to run as a Content Management System this time for the non-profit The Raynaud’s Association. Content The blog or posts on the Raynaud’s Association site appear on the home page as news items under the “What’s New” heading.

Go Beyond the Edge Fitness Training

GoBeyondTheEdge.com provides high performance specialized training for competitive sports participants, and individuals on personal fitness crusades in the greater Hartford Ct area.


Siriusinnovations.com “brother” company that pioneered and developed the “Vertical Business Web”, enabling small to mid-sized companies to capitalize on each new wave of technology the Internet economy creates by designing, building, operating and managing unique Vertical Webs.

EMS Village

EMSVillage.comis the premier on-line community for EMS professionals and is our prime example of a Content Management Management designed and built using Adobe’s Cold Fusion, a commercial rapid application development platform.

The KidCartoonists.com WebsiteKid Cartoonists

Not a Home & Garden Industry Web Site at all but a good example nonetheless of using blog software (in this case WordPress) as a content management system. KidCartoonists.com Open KidCartoonists.com in a new window is cartoonist Bob Weber Jr.’s place on the web for aspiring young cartoon artists to post and display their work to the world. In conjunction with our ‘brother’ company SiriusInnovations.com Open SiriusInnovations.com in a new window here the site is hosted, we redesigned the site to accommodate commerce (added an Amazon Store) and ad revenue.

Misc. Projects & Projects In The Pipeline

Extinct Web Projects

The FlatheadConstructionSolutions.com WebsiteFairfield County Safe Kids

Another application of WordPress (WordPress.orgOpen WordPress.org in a new window) setup to run as a Content Management System this time for the non-profit Fairfield County Safe Kids group. Regrettably the funding for Fairfield County Safe Kids dried up under the pressures we all felt in 2009 and the local organization is now defunct.

The Second Opinion Show with Coach Terry

AskCoachTerry.com is the web site for strength and fitness coach Terry Ahern’s radio show and information regarding Coach Terry’s ASAPP Speed and Plyometric Program, Strength Training, Nutritional Counseling, and Exercise Therapy.