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Welcome to the New Paradigm-360 Website where we talk about the business software solutions we build for small businesses utilizing the FileMaker Pro & FileMaker Go development platforms.


Paradigm-360 creates business systems and solutions that help small businesses minimize risk, and lower costs while enabling them to deliver projects of increased value through improved interactions with customers, their contracting partners, and suppliers.

From the one person solo operation to mid-sized companies with hundreds of employees we can help your company with:

Estimating Markup & Pricing

If you’re just starting out as a contractor and are looking for basic estimating help or an experienced mid-sized contractor looking to really buckle down and improve your ability to hit your company’s profit goals understanding that Estimating, Markup, and Pricing make up a “Trinity of Profitability” is key.

Project/Production & Quality Management

We provide not just help with the implementation of project management software but also the training and instruction in the methodologies that lead to better project and supply chain management solutions: CCPM, PERT, Lean, Theory of Constraints, Critical Chain, and Drum-Buffer-Rope, and tools from the TQM & Six Sigma methodologies.

Customer Relationship Management

Is real genuine CRM practical and feasible for small to mid-sized contracting businesses? We think it is and we think it’s important too. We can help you help identify and target your best customer based on you company’s brand message and work with you to develop methodologies and deploy tools to generate quality sales leads, and plan and implement marketing campaigns with clear goals and objectives.

Branding, Marketing, & Sales

The first rule of branding is ‘if you don’t brand your company, someone else will‘. Your brand is you company’s personality as seen through the eyes of your clients and potential clients. It’s how your company is seen and perceived in the media. We work new and established companies to build their brand and design their marketing and sales systems to deliver a more targeted exposure and ultimately increased profitability.

Strategic Planning & Business Plan Development

Regardless of if you’re looking for help in establishing the budget and target numbers you need to hit or are an established business looking to develop a business to arrange financing or organize an expansion we can help you develop the written plan and financial spreadsheets you need.

Web Design Service

We have the capabilities and expertise to provide your business, no matter what the size, with a web presence solution from a single one page web billboard, through various package offerings, to custom designed sites of any size utilizing PHP or Cold Fusion to connect you web site to the data in your desktop or network data. And we can host it for you too.

Information Technology: Recommendations, Support & Database Design

We offer a wide range of IT Consulting and Outsourcing Solutions to the solo, small, medium and large companies. Our services include instruction and training in desktop applications, network design, implementation, and the maintenance & support of those networks.

360 Difference Software

360 Difference is our own brand of custom designed FileMaker database solutions. 360 Difference is a business management software core that can serve as a powerful foundation for building custom business management application for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms that can even be extended further out onto the web.

Working with the Macintosh OS

While we work with the Windows platform we’re also Mac enthusiasts. If you’re thinking of making the “switch” from Windows to the new Mac OSX Leopard we can help you with that. We can look at your current systems and design a migration plan to help make the transition smooth and easy.

Web Based Application Design, Development, and Deployment

Many companies that need web based applications to perform mission critical business functions and off-the-self software wont necessarily do the job or do it well. With our experience in designing both Cold Fusion and Filemaker PHP based web applications along with our experience and knowledge in the building and remodeling, home & garden industries we can build application that are both robust and tailored to your specific marketing or business management objectives.