Microsoft Office Systems

We Build Solutions Utilizing Microsoft Office for Small Businesses Too...

If your already familiar with and like to use the Microsoft Office suite of applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access & Outlook for Windows and Word, Excel, Powerpoint, & Entourage for Mac) we can help you develop those into an integrated management solution for your business.

Microsoft Excel – Custom Programming

Make Microsoft Excel work harder for you, save you time, and reduce errors. We can provide you with custom Excel programming, custom worksheet functions, custom VBA functions, database access from Excel, integration with other applications, tutoring, more. We can help you by:

  • Making data entry faster, easier and more accurate through customized forms or drop-down boxes, instead of line by line entry by hand that are designed with automated validation checks to guard against any input errors.
  • Creating detailed, meaningful reports that pull data from multiple worksheets (or even from the Internet). At the push of a button, know instantly who your best salesperson was last quarter, which projects are staying on budget, or which project is generating you the highest Net Profit margin.
  • Automating repetitive tasks through macros and VBA scripting. Any task you currently do in Excel can be done more quickly and accurately with Excel automation. Stop spending time wrestling with Excel, and start letting it do the work for you!

Our own Capacity Based Markup Excel Workbook  has been downloaded over 12,000 times by not only contractors but other service industry professionals to help them set the hourly rates they need charge to cover their Variable Open Variable Overhead in a new window and Fixed Overhead Open Fixed Overhead in a new window costs while generating a decent and respectable Net Profit Net Profit in a new window. We can perform anything from little tweaks to Excel workbooks you’ve personally designed to designing new business systems from the ground up to meet your company’s requirements and needs. And when the task or project is completed, you can pay quickly and conveniently via credit card using PayPal. Paradigm Projects is PayPal & Stripe verified, so you can transact with confidence.

Microsoft Word

If your looking to design and build better documents we can help you not only with the design and formatting of the word processing document but also work with you on the copyrighting too.

Microsoft Powerpoint

We can work with you to create and design better presentations in Powerpoint that effectively deliver your brand message to your clients or help you train you staff in company operations and procedures.

Microsoft Access

If you want to design, develop, and deploy business database applications using Microsoft Access we can help you with training both in the over arching principles of database architecture and the nuances of Microsoft Access and show you how to integrate and use that data in other Microsoft Office applications.

And while we can work with and help build Microsoft Access and SQL database solutions we will also recommend you look at and consider the FileMaker Pro Platform that is our preferred tool for a small business.