The concept of business agility has log interested me so I was immediately attracted to this Inc. Magazine article entitled “The Complete Guide to Agile Branding” article when I saw the title in my blog feed reader (Feedly a good tool I recommend) one day. Back in the last century when I was working as a kitchen & bath remodeling contractor I became exposed to the concept of “business agility” and I wrote this blog post in another building & remodeling industry blog I write about how that came to be:

Late fall of 1994 I was working on a two story addition (Master bathroom suite upstairs, and a library downstairs) on a home belonging to a President CEO of a Fortune 500 company and every day while I worked there and walked by his home office I looked in at the table by the door and his reading chair to see what he was reading.

One of the books I saw there was “The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and that was the start of my journey into exploring the Theory of Constraints, Critical Chain Project Management and for that matter Lean Thinking too.

But there was another book I saw there too entitled “Agile Competitors and Virtual Organizations” by Steven L Goldman, Roger N. Angel, and Kenneth Preiss. The book was NOT about Agile project management at but about business agility which is a different concept altogether but that book put a bug in my mind about “Business Agility” and I spent the years after that searching for more on the topic and it was that search that one day in I am thinking in early 2003 I discovered this thing called “Agile Project Management” and “The Agile Manifesto” and eventually Scrum.


So of course I was interested in how “agility” applies in the realm of branding.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Agile Branding

Agile branding is the art of quickly creating and improving your brand positioning so you can iterate and improve your marketing. When you’re starting out on a new venture you may feel the need to map out every step of your go to market strategy in advance.