The Sirius Enterprise Portal


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The Sirius Enterprise Portal is the perfect solution for enterprises looking for an intranet that will integrate their disparate databases into an easy to use, familiar interface.

Enterprise portals are an important tool in a company’s information management strategy, providing desktop access to business applications, critical business intelligence, structured and unstructured information and the Web. While increasing productivity and improving corporate responsiveness are key objectives, a portal will speed access to vital information.

Our team works with corporations to develop customized portal solutions, using our base SiriusEP as a starting point. Our portal will provide a single point-of entry to key organization data including: internal information sources, documents and other external data sources.

By developing an understanding of an organization’s complete information needs, our team creates an enterprise portal solution that provides immediate access to critical information needed to make strategic engineering, purchasing, maintenance and quality assurance decisions that directly impact costs, time-to-market, product quality and process efficiencies.


  • Roles Based User Administration & Security.
  • Integration with third-party applications and database content.
  • Quick custom installation and on-site user training.
  • Custom Application Development
  • Workplace self-service for employees
  • Workforce management tools for managers
  • Rich internet applications
  • Systems integration
  • Executive dashboard reporting tools
  • Management business monitoring tools
  • Computer systems monitoring tools

Built-in Starter Tools:

  • Announcements Events Calendar
  • Enterprise Level Groupware PDF
  • Document Converter Learning
  • Management System Personal Area for Each User

System Requirements for Deployment

  • Windows NT Server**
  • Microsoft SQL Server**
  • Cold Fusion Application Server **

** Custom alternative solutions available.