I think Wes McDowell’s description of the first impression importance of you website’s hero section is great: “Inside of 5 seconds (your home page’s Hero Section) needs to describe:

  • What you do
  • Why it matters
  • And what the need to do to get it


People aren’t buying the thing that you’re selling,…
They’re buying the results that your thing brings to them

And I think where Wes McDowell goes next with regard to the Hero Image Design is important too:


(4:11)…There’s a recent study that shows that people will look at the main image on a website for nearly six seconds on average. Now I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m telling you in the web World it actually is so what that means to you…This is important to get right so that you can emotionally connect with the most people and honestly most businesses get this really wrong they either put in a photo of, you know a building or a Skyline or a fake customer service rep or a team photo of themselves or just a product on a plain background but what’s better than any of those options is to use what I call a happy customer photo so that doesn’t mean it has to be a real customer of yours it’s more like a representation of the happy after state that your customers are feeling so it should feel really natural and overall positive. You know if you’re a service business just show that happy feeling in some kind of context and the example I always like to use here is you you know if you fix computers don’t show a photo of you with all the guts of a broken computer spread out in a million pieces,… no one wants to see that. Instead youwant to show a person who’s you know using her laptop worry-free now or if you sell a product you can still show the product but show a person using it if you can it really just helps people visualize themselves using it too.